Metro Move Up Materials

Move Up Referral Form_Fillable_01.14.20

Move Up One Page Guide_HMIS

Move Up MN Assessment Tool - FINAL_Fillable

Metro Area Move Up MN Google Sheets

Move Up 2020 - PHAs Powerpoint

Metro Area Move Up PSH Training Powerpoint

2-3-2020 Metro Move Up Training Questions and Answers

SPARC Materials

SPARC Operational Guidelines

MN SPARC Learning Collaboratives Overview


2019 NOFA Materials

SMAC Consolidated Application FINAL 9.26.19

SMAC Priority Listing from esnaps 2019

Planning Grant FINAL 9.27.19

SMAC Final Ranking 8.29.19

SMAC - Reallocation.Scoring.Ranking Final Policies FINAL 5.17.19

SMAC Preapplication Solicitation FINAL 2019

New Project-Expansion Project Scoring Rubric 2019

SMAC Preapplication DV BONUS Solicitation FINAL 2019

New DV Project Scoring Rubric 2019

2019 Local Priorities SMAC FINAL


2019 Annual Meeting Materials

SMAC 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda 3.15.19

SMAC 2019 Annual Meeting Power Point

2019 SMAC Priorities and Work Plan

SMAC Coordinated Entry Phase 2 Planning Overview March 2019

CES Phase 2 Timeline

MN SPARC Learning Collaboratives Overview

True Colors Inclusion Assessment 2019 One Pager

True Colors Inclusion Assessment Webinar Flyer SMAC March 2019



SMAC Collaborative Application FINAL 9.17.18 no attachments

SMAC Ranking Committee Meeting Minutes 2018

SMAC Priority Listing FINAL submitted 9.17.18

SMAC Final Ranking 8.16.18

SMAC Initial Ranking 8.10.18


SMAC Local Competition Information

HUD 2018 CoC Program NOFA

HUD 2018 CoC Program NOFA Changes.Updates

SMAC 2018 NOFA Funding Overview

SMAC - Reallocation.Scoring.Ranking Final Policies Updated 7.20.18

SMAC 2018 NOFA Priorities

2018 SMAC Ranking Committee Members

SMAC - Scoring Tool 6.18.18 Final

Applicant Information

New Project Applicant Packet 2018

Renewal Project Applicant Packet 2018

Funding Opportunities

SMAC Preapplication New and Expansion Projects FINAL 2018

SMAC Preapplication DV BONUS Solicitation FINAL 2018

SMAC Coordinated Entry Solicitation FINAL 2018



SMAC Initial Ranking 2017 Updated

SMAC Final Ranking 9.12.17

SMAC Collaborative Application DRAFT 9.19.17


SMAC Final Ranking 8.25.16

SMAC Collaborative Application 9.8.16

NOFA Timeline Overview 2016 corrected 7.7.16